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SKU: FT-497690

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Systainer Features

Systainer T-LOC

T-LOC (Lock, Open, Connect)

Storing, transporting, and accessing tools, accessories and consumables is quick and easy, with one-hand access and a twist of the wrist (on SYSTAINERS equipped with T-LOC latches)

Systainer Stackable


All standard SYSTAINERS have similar dimensions for easy stacking, storing, and transport.

Systainer Flexible Drawers and Compartments

Flexible Drawers and Compartments

The SORTAINER is available in many configurations. Drawers and compartments can also be configured with insert dividers.

Systainer Mobility


Can be mounted on an independent rolling base, called a SYS-Cart, or mounted on CT Dust Extractors via SYS-Dock feature for quick and easy transportation.

Oversized Handle

Large, centrally positioned, oversized-handle is strong enough for heavy loads and has enough clearance between the handle and lid to be carried while wearing gloves.


Each drawer (SORTAINER only) features a pull-out lock that helps to prevent the drawers from being removed or falling out unintentionally.