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SKU: FT-500608

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The MFT/3 Multifunction Table is designed to help you achieve better results with less effort, whether in the shop or on a worksite. Quickly set the stage for precision cutting and routing, while enjoying virtually unlimited clamping options.

MFT/3 Features

MFT-3 Guide Rail System

Guide Rail System

Easily reduce set-up time with simple and effortless clamping that allows for full surface access.

MFT-3 Limitless Versatility

Limitless Versatility

Vacuum based clamping with soft Vacuum cups provides non-marring clamping which protects the workpiece and helps to reduce re-work.

MFT-3 Portable


Festool offers a VAC SYS System Set that allows the most functionality working with large materials. The cups can be rotated and tilted to achieve the most comfrtable position for your next task in the production process.

MFT-3 Grid-hole Pattern

Grid-hole Pattern

Rotate material 360 degrees or tilt the workpiece from 0 degrees to 90 degrees as needed for even greater access. The VAC SYS puts larger and more awkward pieces well within reach.

Flat and Forgiving Work Surface

MDF insert plates make for a perfectly flat, resilient work surface. Get back to a brand new surface by simply flipping over the worn insert.

Stable and Reliable Work Surface

Slip-resistant feet ensure a stable work platform through the elimination of table drift. Rigidity is enhanced with the addition of optional cross-member supports.

Easy, Secure Locking Legs

Easy access screw knobs lock legs firmly for a stable and secure work surface and allow quick takedown for storage and transport.