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SKU: FT-571897

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Equipped with the EC-TEC Brushless Motor, these low-profile, long-life and low-vibration sanders can run all day with multiple shifts. With a fine sanding stroke of 1/8" (3mm) and a smaller 5" pad, the ETS EC 125/3 is great for vertical and overhead surfaces, as well as general purpose sanding. Featuring a compact design, ergonomic grip and an electronic vibration control system, this tool allows for less fatigue and makes it more comfortable to work.

ETS EC 125/3 EQ Features

Orbital Sander More Power

More Power

The EC-TEC Brushless Motor delivers more power to the pad, with a higher degree of efficiency and long life with no downtime for brush replacement.

Orbital Sander Less Fatigue

Less Fatigue

Active electronic vibration control constantly monitors sanding activity to ensure easy operation and a smooth surface, while minimizing arm strain for less fatigue.

Orbital Sander Better Dust Control

Better Dust Control

Electronic hose detection sensor alerts the user if the dust extraction hose becomes disconnected, helping to ensure a better finish result and cleaner work environment.

Orbital Sander Increased Flexibility

Increased Flexibility

Allowing for less fatigue and more control, these compact sanders have a lower design height and a rubberized top grip to fit any size hand.

Protects From Marring

The pad brake protects the surface from marring by quickly stopping the pad movement when starting or stopping. In addition, the pad brake saves time, improves safety and extends the life of the sander.

Less Downtime

StickFix minimizes the downtime of changing abrasives and increases overall savings. Additionally, the resilient pad hooks and hard-wearing fabric backing lead to longer abrasive and pad life.