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SKU: FT-575389

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Experience the power of the TS 75 Track Saw, capable of slicing through material up to 2-3/4" thick. Better still, it will leave a no-burn, splinter-free and ready-glue- or prep edge.

Track Saw Features

Track Saw Guide Rail Precision

Guide Rail Precision

A perfect cut the first time, every time, with laser-straight, splinter-free cuts.

Track Saw Zero-tearout Cutting

Zero-tearout Cutting

With the Guide Rail Splinterguard and an integrated, replaceable Splinterguard on the TS, you'll get zero-tearout cuts,reducing rework and material waste.

Track Saw System Efficiency

System Efficiency

Do more with less. Less equipment, less space, and less time with the Festool System.

Track Saw Versatility


With two available sizes and 9 blade types available, TS saws can handle nearly any surface providing optimum results.

Track Saw Micro-adjustable Depth Controls

Micro-adjustable Depth Controls

Micro-adjustable depth indicator features two cursor lines, for precise material processing on or off the Guide Rail. (TS/TSC 55 only)

Track Saw Riving Knife

Riving Knife

Integrated spring-loaded riving knife keeps the cut kerf open and the material away from the rear of the blade, reducing the chance of kickback and leaving the user in control.

MMC Electronics

MMC electronics ensure a consistent speed under load, improving cut performance and protecting the saw's motor from thermal and current overload. Variable speed allows you to match the blade's speed to the material, reducing burning.

Slip Clutch

The slip clutch helps to minimize the risk of a kickback and reduces wear on the blade, gear case and motor. (TS 75 EQ only)


Flat housing design enables precise flush-cutting against walls or other adjacent surfaces. (TS/TSC 55 only)